Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Here's a video from today!

We started out with a little hack, which was probably not the best idea. I did the typical, "ok so Lu has had a week off, let's go on a trail ride and not lunge beforehand!" I am lucky that my horse *really* likes trail rides :) She was great, though Cairo had selective hearingitis and I was very frustrated with her.

The boots stayed put and she felt totally sound in them. She walks very confidently and didn't mind stepping on pebbles or rocks today.

Here are some other cute photos :D

all four ponies looking out the back of their stalls. the barn is built on a slight
incline so the horses aren't as tall as the look here!

oh hi lulu!

then we had a snuggle session


  1. I can't decide who seems to like the trail rides more...Lucy or Cairo.

  2. Oh my, I love the head shots!

  3. Is she giving dirty looks and making faces at the camera, or was the horse she dislikes standing there?

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