Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring Cleaning, Spring Cracking, and Swamps

I really had a chuckle reading my Facebook newsfeed today. A few of my friends are in Florida, and I follow some equine publishing companies that are down in Wellington right now, covering the horse shows and events. All of them posted statuses complaining of how "freezing" it is down there. I checked the weather for that area and saw that it was 60 degrees. Oh my, what a bunch of comedians. Today it was about 45 here, but nice and sunny, and we were all talking about how lovely and warm it was!!

The feeling of "warmth", no matter how subjective, means that Spring Cleaning Fever kicked in and all of a sudden, I could not stand to look at the clutter of grooming stuff on my shelf at the barn. Lucy's first aid kit was scattered about from needing the various goops, gauzes, and powders almost on a daily basis after her accident, and though I've looked at that stuff for months now, today I simply could not leave it there any longer. Her brush box, which had collected about an inch of dirt and hair in the bottom of it, HAD to be bleached and scrubbed out. I accomplished all of that, along with the normal daily chores, and felt so much better. My house, though? STILL A MESS :)

Lucy saw the chiropractor today. This is the second time this particular chiro has come out and I am even more impressed than I was last time. She spent an entire hour working on Lucy, and split her time between watching Lucy move on a lunge line, doing stretches, manipulating her joints and muscles, and doing some massage. Lucy tried to like it, she really did. There were a few moments where she relaxed and let Mariya do her thing but she was mostly skeptical about being poked and prodded.

Mariya said her hind end was a lot better than last time she was out, but she still had a lot of soreness and stiffness. She listened closely to my accounts of Lucy's behaviour and said that the saddle fit issue could fix all of that, but if it doesn't, and if she doesn't get better after today's adjustment, to have the vet out to flex her and watch her go on the lunge line. So, that is what I will do. My vet is coming out in early April to do Spring shots and I hope he can also look at Lucy to avoid having them out twice.

In the mean time, on Tuesday I have trainer #1 coming out to have a look at Lucy. Trainer #2 won't be able to come down for a while, but I don't mind waiting for her as she is a very accomplished eventer and dressage rider, and she has a super reputation, especially with hot TB's. Trainer #1 is a lovely dressage rider and I am looking forward to meeting with her.

The rest of the afternoon was spent all on Cairo. Kenny and I took her for a 2.5 hour hike and she was in Heaven! We got lost in the woods, ended up tromping through a swamp, and I had to pull out my phone and bring up Google Maps to figure out where we were!

I wasn't kidding about the swamp!


  1. You're lucky Google Maps worked ;) I have also been laughing at the Floridians whining about 60 degree weather, that's nice even in Cali! I guess its all what you acclimate to. Cairo is such a beautiful dog, looks like a fun adventure. Hope it goes well with the trainer!

  2. I don't know about Wellington, but in the Tampa Bay area yesterday, it barely broke 50* and with windchill, was barely in the 40s. We did have a freeze early Sunday morning, too - which means low 30s. I know you guys are laughing (and I grew up in New England, so I totally get it!) :) but, remember that 50* is a 30-40 degree difference to what we're used to because 9 months out of the year, its in the 80s and 90s! Hell, later this week it's supposed to be in the 80s again. Come try it out, I promise you'll be cold, too!! :)

  3. I'm with ya... 45 degrees sounds amazing! Right now I'm happy if we are above freezing.

  4. Your chiropractor sounds like a great one. I had a hard time finding one I liked.
    I think it is a good idea to finally call the vet out to check out Lucy. I had a chiro work on my pony one time and I thought he just hated her because he was so aggressive. He tried to kick and bite her the whole time. It was awful and I felt bad but it ended up he was just in severe pain and I didn't know it. After we saw the vet, all he ended up needing were some injections in his hind end. He NEVER was aggressive towards the chiro again. I struggled for a month with issues VERY similar to ones with Lucy...and in the end (after a couple x-rays) it was just some injections. Solved ALL our issues.

  5. I would happily take a 45 degree day!
    I am going to get our newest horse adjusted by a chiro. Hopefully it will do his old bones some good.

  6. Um, 45 degrees sounds toasty to me! We're 11 tonight.
    The Google map story made me laugh - how did we live without our smart phones? I really can't imagine being without one.


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