Friday, August 2, 2013

Cairo does agility!

With Lucy out of work, I've been feeling lost and bored. I miss having goals and looking forward to something. I miss seeing the happy look on her face after a nice jump school. We are both already bored with lunging and I haven't even been lunging her very much at all. When I do lunge her, though, she looks very supple and bouncy through her hind end, a marked improvement for sure!!

I decided to sign Cairo and myself up for a weekly beginner agility class at a local dog kennel and training centre. Cairo frequently jumps the jumps at the barn and does it in style, might I add. I thought she would be excellent at agility and she proved me right on Monday at her first class. My friend Cassie took some photos for me:

first time through the little tyre CUTE

up the a-frame! she had hesitated at this, unsure at first, but with each attempt
she got more and more confident and by the end of the class she was powering
up it and daintily but confidently coming down the other side.

not even joking here; she STUDIED the other dogs as they did their runs

also, check out her adorable new collar. stylish!

enticing her down the dog walk, which is like the A Frame but with a flat part
between the ramps.

down the ramp of the dog walk

good girl! the treats du jour were 100% beef hot dogs, the best I could find.

I don't want to eat crappy cheap hot dogs, and I don't want my dog to eat them either!

dog walk again

A frame

so proud of herself!
Everything I know about dog showing, I learned from that hilarious movie Best in Show so I will have to scope out that scene for myself before deciding to persue competition with her, but I was so impressed with her willing attitude and affinity for agility that I know she would love to keep going with it! At the end of the class, we even did a little course, including jumps, the A frame, the dog walk, the tire jump, and the tunnel. Such a smart doggie!


  1. Looks like Cairo enjoyed it! She is such a beautiful dog!

  2. I like that collar on her!

    Dog training is really fun, if they have any rally classes you should give that a try too! Agility and rally aren't anything like Best in Show (love that movie), just like how eventing or reining isn't anything like a breed conformation show. The people can still be a little odd, but then again, so are plenty of horse show people right?

  3. I have yet to meet a dog that doesn't love playing a little agility. She looks like she had a blast!

  4. Oh so cute. You can tell that she really enjoyed herself. My riding instructor does dog agility. For some reason, horses and dogs just go together.

  5. I've always wanted to do this with my wheaten terrier, looks like so much fun!

  6. Agility is great fun! Hope you enjoy it :-)

  7. There are tons of dog people who are, or once were, horse people. Eventers seems to flock to agility as they get up in years and don't feel as comfortable riding. Performance dog people have their own oddities, just like horse people, but I've found folks at trials (agility, rally, herding, etc) to be a lot more normal than those at confirmation dog shows-there's really a big difference!


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