Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lucy at work!

Photographic evidence that my horse exists in some working capacity!

given the no-hands approach, you can probably tell that Maddy wasn't very
worried about Crazy Lu returning

Lucy has even been quite tolerant of us touching her ears!

Is it bad I'm thinking about roaching her mane because I have zero
motivation to pull it right now? hehehe

yay! a little trot, no nasty mare face!

going around in an organized fashion on a loose rein

fat mare getting fatter

snuggle session in the paddock

Lucy was not impressed that I was doing this to her when she could be EATING
She is doing really, really well. Maddy rode again today but just walked, and now Lucy will get a few days off with just some light lunging, maybe a little walk on the trails in hand if I'm feeling up to it.

She has remained sound and happy, and the latter makes me feel like this was all worth it in a strange way. I had hoped this time off would do her brain some good, and after seeing her plod along like a cow pony, I am confident I was right!

It helps to have a really great rider to get her started again. Maddy is awesome.

PS - if you like my shirt, check out Bad Pony Clothing. The woman who owns it is a local Rhode Island-based artist/equestrian and her products are so cute!


  1. Yah for you and Lucy! I'm glad to hear the time off has done her well, in more than one way. It's always nice when things pay off!

  2. So awesome! She looks great, relaxed and happy. She's very lucky to have you!

  3. Yay Lucy, Maddy & Kenny!
    Sometimes a bit of a break helps take some of the zing out of the hotheads. I am delighted to read that the return to work is going so well for all involved!

    Quick question, where did you get the bell boots and are they neoporene or something else? Velcro fastening or pull on?
    Sorry love the bright colour, I know a friend who would die for something like that! :)

    1. Hey, they are these:

      They are GREAT!!! I am impressed with how well they're holding up considering how cheap they are. They are double-lock velcro, made of soft plastic. They come in a lot of other colours. I bought the orange because I was tired of hunting through Lucy's paddock for her bell boots when she removed them. These are really easy to find ;)

      If you can't get them over there and want me to ship you a pair I would be happy to do that.

  4. I love how relaxed and happy she looks in these.


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