Friday, July 11, 2014

Lu update

I visited Lucy on Wednesday. She had most of the past week and a half off, because her feet got too long and due to the 4th of July holiday and the farrier's full schedule, she had to wait to be reshod. I was very worried about this, though I did my absolute best not to be a hovering nut case. I just had worked so hard to get her feet in great condition, and she is so sensitive when they get long, especially on hard ground.

Anyway, they are done now, and they look fine. She looks totally beefy. Her neck looks better than it ever has, and her shoulders are really bulking up, too. Her hind end still has a ways to go but her trainer and I were joking that she actually has to use her butt for her muscles to develop (ha ha).

I had planned to be there to watch Morgan ride, but due to traffic, I missed basically the entire ride. I couldn't stay long, either; I had a doctor's appointment to rush back to. Oh well, at least I got to see Lulu for a few minutes. I even hopped on and cooled her out for Morgan.

A very cute thing that happened was when I first got there, I called hello from across the ring, and Lucy pricked her ears at me and more or less beelined over to me. Morgan even commented that before I got there, Lucy was just trudging along at the walk, cooling out, but when she saw me, she walked as fast as she could over to me. That pretty much made me melt.

This week, Morgan plans to go to the Apple Knoll Jumper series on Wednesday night, and then take Lu XC schooling on Thursday. Lucy is going to a dressage show this weekend with one of Morgan's students. Lucy needs all the dressage experience she can get, as she and Morgan have a 3 phase event coming up on the 20th.


  1. That IS cute! It's so nice when our horses are happy to see is :) I hope that the show and event go well for Lucy!

  2. What a sweet girl.
    It will be fun reading about Lucy's shows.

  3. Awe always sweet when they reciprocate some love.

  4. Nawwwww - how sweet!
    Hope Lu behaves and that the riders have a ball at all these upcoming events :)

  5. Aw love that she was happy to see mom!!! So cute!


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