Thursday, December 31, 2009

ok, I'm ready for summer now.

I brought work home with me last night to do so that I could ride this morning. Lucy was pretty strong but I am not surprised. The last time she was ridden was Saturday, by G (I paid her for a training ride so that Lucy didn't sit the whole time I was in NY). Then on Monday we did our little lunging thing with the crossrail, and yesterday we went on a low-key walk around the neighbourhood. All together, not really a big workout schedule for a former racehorse.

I got some nice trot work out of her, and we practiced coming into the contact and then going on the buckle, then coming back into the contact. She did a nice job with this. We cantered, but it was kind of a disaster. She more or less careened around the ring at mach 3. The paddocks are so hard and icy that I doubt she really moves around at all when she's turned out. I would have liked to let her run around the indoor before getting on, but the barn was buzzing this morning. By the time I finished riding, there were four horses being ridden! It was great having people around at the barn to ride with!

It started snowing while I was riding, and by the time I left the barn, the roads were a collective disaster. On my way home from the barn I witnessed multiple accidents, my car slid right through an intersection even with the anti-lock brakes working overtime (and I was going no more than 15 mph), and I didn't see a single plow. LOVELY!

Here is my friend Devon giving some love to another one of the OTTB mares at the barn, Lexi. Lexi and Lucy came off the track around the same time.


  1. Hi Kate! I am not even sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but after looking at your profile and your wedding blog I discovered that your mom took my maternity photos and photos of my daughter (we are on her photography homepage!!). Small world. Your horse is gorgeous and my daughter - who is 3 and obsessed with horses (it is the one thing that she asked for that santa did NOT bring her) loved looking at your pictures of Lucy. Congrats on your upcoming wedding. Hope your mom, dad, and brother are doing well!

    ~Meghan Bourbeau

  2. Hi Meghan! I remember my mum telling me about Emma! Wow I can't believe how big she is! She is super cute.

    Tell her not to worry :) I asked for a pony every Christmas for the last twenty-three years and finally it happened for me (though I can't thank Santa for said pony; it was more of a "well if I want something done, I have to do it myself!" type of situation). Anyway there is hope for the future :)


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