Thursday, June 17, 2010


The name of the game lately with Lucy has been consistency. This week she's discovered that soft, light and round is way more fun than doing a tense giraffe impression at warp 3. She has gotten really consistent at the trot and we are working on the canter. At the walk, I tend to let her go on a loose rein because I don't think we've reached the point where she can walk with a lot of contact for an extended amount of time without sucking back and tightening up through her spine. I'd rather her walk around long and low than uptight and above the contact. With the trot, she typically goes lightly in the bridle for 5-10 strides, then will pop up above the contact a little bit and try to speed up, but a gentle half-halt and a bit of inside leg will bring her back down and round again. It's very satisfying.

I would have loved to get some video of last night's ride but alas, I did not bring the video camera. Today I will remember it and hopefully coerce someone into taping tonight's ride for me.

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