Monday, June 21, 2010

the real reason not to bleach your saddle pads

"Do not use bleach." That's what the tag on my white Dover saddle pad says, but it was disgusting and a regular wash cycle even with a scoop of OxiClean just was not cutting it.

So I added a capful of bleach. I thought, "it's just a white saddle pad, what could it hurt?" I rinsed the pad thoroughly in hot water and put it through two wash cycles, just to be safe.

Yup, I bleached my horse.

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  1. Wow. On the bright side, she's bleached in an area you can't see if you were showing!

  2. Yikes. This is why I don't trust bleach!

  3. I never once in a million years would have thought it was still potent enough to bleach her back after two hot water rinses AND two cycles through the wash. I guess I was thoroughly wrong :( I need to get some baby pads to put under the light coloured pads in the future. I don't care if the baby pads get stained.

  4. omg! thats hillarious. and it sucks. kudos to owning a grey horse for me!


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