Saturday, July 31, 2010

video still

Here's a video still from this video. All hope is not lost :) That lower leg, though...sheesh.

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  1. Just my two cents from the video. I might be preaching to the choir, so don't mind me, lol. :)

    It looks like you're bracing with your upper body...relax your shoulders, and make sure you're opening your chest, and facing the direction you want to go by slightly dropping and sliding your inside shoulder back. Your head and aids might say turn, but your body says go straight.

    I know it's tough, especially with a young, OTTB to not do that, as it often feels they're going to run right through your hands and they can go SO fast when you want to go slooow. Like you learned in your last lesson, the more you use your seat with her, the better. Jockeys don't use their reins much. Have you tried counting at the posting trot? i.e. Sit for 3 seconds, rise for 2 seconds, etc. And really concentrate on slowing her gait down with the weight of your butt in the saddle.

    It also looks like you're not sitting straight in the saddle. Does it feel off??

    You guys are looking good...and sometimes, some time off is what you both need. So don't beat yourself up over it too much!! :)


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