Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lauren and Lu

Here are some photos of Lauren and ponygirl from this week:

don't they look fantastic?!

a "moment"

dapples are coming through :D

Does anyone have experience with hoof boots? I am looking into buying some for Lucy's hind feet to hopefully make her more comfortable while we try to transition her to barefoot. Dover has a few brands, including Easy Boot, BOA, Cavallo, and Old Mac. I think she will benefit from something with a good thick protective sole and I have had some experience with Easy Boots and think they are anything but "easy", but I don't know much about the other brands.


  1. She goes really nicely in that hackamore :) Been riding Yankee in his everytime we hack out, so nice.

  2. She looks so nice and relaxed, and then her moments attack!

    Funder is an endurance rider, and she uses boots. She's very willing to share info. I'd guess that if they protect her Dixie on rocky 50 mile rides, they must be pretty darn good.

  3. Easy boot trails - easy to put on, you can use comfort pads in them. Do a quick google, I have a few clients in them and they all like them.

  4. I used Cavallo simple boots on my OTTB last year when we rode on gravel and hard ground. It's safe to say we both loved them. They were easy to put on and the heavy duty velcro kept them from moving or coming loose.

  5. Make sure the boot length and width fit Lucy's hoof shape. This is very important to success with boots. I've had Daatje in Epics, Boas, Old Mac G2's and Cavallo Simples and NOTHING has worked thus far.

    Epics - longer than they are wide. In order to fit her 6" x 6" hoof, they are too long and will come off at a gallop.

    Boas - clunky, yuck.

    Old Mac G2's - clunky times 2. Double Yuck.

    Cavallo Simples - less clunky but made her heels sore. Maybe good for short rides, but did not work for long foxhunts.

    I have yet to try the Renegades. Heard great things, they come in her size (yes!) but are $$$. :( I'd still love to have a pair of boots to use on the rocky hunts so maybe this year I'll cave and buy a pair.

    Anyway, if the length x width work with her hooves, the Epics are a good basic boot.


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