Sunday, April 8, 2012

great ride today!

I gave Lucy's hind feet a break from the boots today. She is getting rubbed a bit
on her heels by them, so I need to let the rubs heal and figure out why they are
happening, so I can prevent it in the future. She felt VERY sound today
without them on, and didn't even mind walking on the gravel down to the ring.

riding one-handed on the buckle!

she is so shiny! I love it!

she was being so good that we did a few jumps. she was obviously very happy!

I decided to show her the vertical before jumping it.

she put forth a pretty good effort!

she pulled a dirty stop on the second approach, so on the third approach I
didn't leave much up to chance. she thought about stopping again but I
caught her and urged her forward, so it wasn't a very pretty jump, BUT
we got over it!

this was the best one! forward but not rushy, confident, happy, etc.

I'm pretty happy with my position and balance, even though it's been a while
since we have jumped anything in the ring.


  1. Lucy is so gorgeous! You guys have come so far. You're doing great with her! Great job. (:

  2. I agree - you guys look great! The photos are so nice and crisp too.

  3. She looks great- is that the Herm Sprenger bit? She looks like that suits her really well, so relaxed and stretchy!

    1. yes! this is her second ride in it. I think she likes it, too :) but I am a bit nervous about our serious lack of brakes with this bit.

  4. How is she so shiny! Waaaaaant.

    I bet she would kill it in the hunter ring with those knees

    1. as long as we weren't going mach 3! hah.

  5. You two look so smart! I love your helmet - is it an Ovation?

    1. I tried the Ovation helmets but they did not fit my head properly :( This is a IRH Elite Extreme helmet and it is super comfy and very light. I love that it came in grey! Not exactly conventional, but nice to change things up.

    2. Ooh, I love grey! I need new paddock boots and half chaps, and while I have two fairly new helmets neither one is very comfortable. A trip to Dover is in order.

      Also - I have boots for Coro - Easy Boot Trails - but we've only tried them once so far. He was doing a lot of tripping, and when the barn manager's wife came striding toward us with her hiking poles, he was so busy staring that he literally fell over himself, down to his knees, and scraped his nose on the road. After that he seemed fine in them, and it was obvious how much better his feet felt, but the fall made me really hesitant to try trotting or cantering in them. More walking practice first.

  6. You look great--you always seem to be right in the middle of her and in balance. Well done!

  7. You two look great (as always) and I love your turnout. You guys are eye candy!


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