Friday, May 3, 2013

Absorbine Giveaway!

Surprise! Another giveaway, courtesy of Absorbine. I have four Showsheen Try Packs to give away to four lucky Lucy fans :)

These little bottles are PERFECT to take to a clinic for a quick touch-up, or a show, or even every day use. When you've used all of the product in each bottle, you can re-fill them instead of having to juggle big bottles of shampoo when you're bathing your horse.

To enter, leave a comment with your name and an email address, along with a link to a photo of your favourite horse looking shiny and lovely. If it's a Facebook link, please make sure it's public so we can all admire your beautiful ponies.

Contest ends on Sunday at 5pm! :)


  1. Would love to win!
    Karen ...
    Here is a photo of my shiny pony:

    If that doesn't work, you can find plenty of photos of him at

  2. Fun!

    Alanna McPartlin

    My favorite, shiny (mostly shed out) horse, Roz.

  3. Yay, contests!

    Here is her majesty in her shiny glory.

    Dianne Cantara

  4. Love ShowSheen! Here's my shiny Kwik Pik:

    Katie Lupoli

  5. I was happy to win last time, so I'm just wishing everybody luck.

  6. ☆☆☆grey pony will dirty himself for showsheen products☆☆☆

    Clean pony pix here :D


  7. Amanda Rains

    Shiny Image even though it was the middle of winter and he was a poofy teddy bear :D

  8. I never win these... but worth a try!

    So Shinnnyyyy...Enjoying it while it lasts. Winter is coming.

  9. Marta
    Here is a picture of my OTTB Ari:) He is the sweetest boy ever but so hard to keep clean! He absolutely loves mud. I'm trying my best to keep him black and shiny this year! In this picture he still has some shedding out to do.

  10. Kat

    (About as shiny as a half-shed out pony can get)

    Always used Showshine as my go to speed-detailer ;)

  11. Perhaps this will be my lucky day!

    Rebecca - rlilbitofcash[at]
    Lilly looking gorgeous - Here!

  12. So, uh, I may be too late since I forgot you're three hours ahead - but hey, never turn down a pretty pony photo opportunity!

    Fig (Melissa)

  13. I think I might be late too but in case I'm not! Morgan at

  14. I think I'm too late but just in case!

    Lynn -


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