Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My unappreciative horse

I had a vet out today to do some acupuncture on Lucy. I felt very hopeful that she would like this, because she is so well-behaved for normal vaccinations.

Well, I was wrong. She hated it.


She stood ok for the first few needles, but then got really, really pissed off. Bucking, kicking, etc. She was not having any of it.

The poor vet...he was so patient and kind with her, and I felt so embarrassed, but he assured me that he had dealt with horses that hated it even more than she did (I'd hate to think what kind of nonsense they pulled, because Lucy was pretty horrible!).

She bucked so hard that two of the needles actually fell out.

after causing the fourth and fifth needles to fall out

Lucy, you bad girl.

We are going to try again next week, this time with a bit of sedative on board to hopefully quell some of that reactivity.

I will say that before he started with the needles, he used a really cool laser that is apparently $5000 (!!!!) and as soon as he touched her with the laser, her head dropped into my arms, she yawned, and her whole body seemed to exhale. That was nice to see.


  1. Yeah Charlie does love the acupuncture either although he's not quite as adamant about his displeasure as Lucy was. But he LOVED his massage so I think that's where I'm going to be spending my money. Doesn't hurt that it costs significantly less either! Hope Lucy likes it better the second time around!

  2. Hopefully round 2 is better then round 1!!!

  3. I totally respect whatever you and your vet choose to do, but if Lucy reeeeeaalllly didn't like acupuncture, there are alternatives that can get the job done. I am an acupuncturist, and some people just don't tolerate needles well (and I don't just mean "needle-phobic" people). If she loves cold laser, go with that. I once was asked to treat a horse in day two of colic, the vet had done all they could, owner couldn't afford surgery. I only did acupressure (no needles) and in one hour the block had cleared and he started passing gas, sighing and pooping. It was awesome!

    One could posit that sedation could reduce the efficacy, as qi is a dynamic phenomenon...

    Just my 2cents :-)

  4. You always have the best pictures of your pony! Lucy looks quite happy to be outside :)

  5. I love how we do all the fancy/nice stuff for our horses (who don't know how good they have it) and then get by with little to nothing for ourselves haha!

  6. Poor Lucy. I know how it feels I hate needles too. Lol
    Best of luck for next time.

  7. At least she looks fabulous!

  8. She's so pretty! Hopefully round 2 is more successful.


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