Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the dentist with the magic hands

I realized today that the day I can get Lucy's back re-ultrasounded is fast approaching! I made the appointment for July 1st. Let's think positive thoughts - I'd love to get her back in work!!

I think she was in heat last week when she was so bonkers because over the last few days, she has been very sweet and snuggly. When I am out cleaning her paddock, she's been standing with her chin on my shoulder. Too cute! I am going to accept this sweet version of Lucy as an apology for the nonsense we dealt with last week.

The dentist came out last Friday to do her teeth. Normally I have them done every six months, but she was due back in November and with all the excitement around Equine Affaire and her accident, I forgot to make the appointment. I realised that she was way overdue but thankfully, her mouth wasn't too bad, just sharp here and there. She loves her dentist and he is nothing short of super with her.

He floated her teeth and then we stood around talking for a bit, her forehead resting on his chest as she stood in a sort of trance. Then I watched him rub her ears, like really rub them, and he rested his hands on her poll, and she just stood there and let it all happen! I could not believe it! This is the most ear-shy horse I have ever met. I can hardly clip her bridle path and I have only touched her ears on a very rare occasion here and there.

I've been riding here and there. I got to ride Maddy's horse Brantley, who returned from training a few weeks ago and is now much less worried about being ridden.

 I've also been riding the chestnut QH mare, Mollie, once a week and have had some really fun rides with her.

This past weekend, I got to ride twice! Once on a special pony at my friend's wedding:

And once when I EMT'd for a horse show on Sunday and they needed someone to fill a medals class:

I had showed up to the horse show in shorts and a t-shirt, but after a community dressing effort, I had on borrowed Pikeur breeches that fit me like they were made for me (and I was very sad to give them back), tall boots that were a size small in the foot and two sizes too big in the calf (and no socks), a show shirt that billowed out and made me look like a pink marshmallow because it was so big, and a show coat that could have fit an additional human in it. It was a hot look, and after 2 months of not jumping, and a looooong time out of the hunter ring, I got on a strange horse whom I had never ridden before, jumped a few jumps to warm up and get the feel for how he went, and then jumped my course. I did pretty well, all things considered. The horse was a TB gelding, super chill and very much a "push" ride. I thought I'd be fine without spurs but 30 seconds into my warm-up cruise, I realized there was no way I was going to get through this course without some help. Between my horse being one I would NEVER think of using spurs on and me being out of shape, my legs had very little push power.

Being a filler, I did an intentional extra circle to take myself out of the top placings but other than that, the course went very well! I had a lot of fun. I'll have to thank my time showing IHSA in college for preparing me to show up and get on a strange horse and jump a course.

Other than that, life is good. Cairo is adorable as always, although she has been a bit naughty lately. I'm just glad it's summer and we can spend a lot of time outside. We are dog sitting for two dogs this week and she has been very well-behaved and generous while the dogs are chewing on her bones and playing with her toys and sleeping on her bed.


  1. Lovely photo with the bubbles...so nice.

    Fingers crossed for Lucys back exam.

    Nice that you got show a little too!

  2. That is a sexy hunter show look. Love the picture of Cairo and the bubbles!

  3. love the bubble shot. GLad you are still getting saddle time and hope Lucy's re-US goes well!

  4. Hope that Lucy's back exam goes well!! :)

    That last picture of Cairo is SO CUTE!

  5. Hope the exam goes well. Cairo is way too cute!

  6. Cairo with the bubbles! Love it!
    Lucy knows your dentist is one of those special people. Best of luck July 1!
    Love the "community dressing effort"!

  7. Keeping everything crossed for Lucy' back exam in a few weeks - how time flies! Bless her & the dentist - it's great that she gets on so well with him!
    Great that you're still getting some saddle time & a show no less!
    Love the photo of Cairo & the bubbles!


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