Monday, November 25, 2013

Well that is inconvenient

The problem with being a contract employee is that the business constantly dangles your mortality over your head. I chose not to let it get to me; life is going to happen whether I'm "full time" or not, and plus, I really liked my job!

Well on Friday, after working there for a year and a half, I got laid off due to budget cuts. I was supposed to have a meeting with HR to discuss my maternity leave, which I had given them plenty of notice about. It turned out that the meeting was actually to give me the axe, so now I am jobless at 5 months pregnant and a month before Christmas. Thanks a bunch, former employer!

I am so lucky that Kenny is supportive of this horse addiction that I have. I was a wreck after I left the office for the last time and called him in tears, but he said all the right things and calmed me down. I immediately went home after being laid off and applied for unemployment (for the first time ever), applied for a few jobs, and put Lucy up for full lease online. I am not sure I'll find someone to lease her, honestly. It's absolutely frigid here right now and not many people are really horse hunting. However, it is worth a shot.

In the mean time, Kenny will continue supporting her and for that, I am so grateful. I'll supplement the unemployment money with saddle pad orders (hopefully!) and any other design work I can get. I hope to get a new job asap. Someone asked if I'm going to just surf on the unemployment wave until the baby comes and honestly, I'd be so bored! I like to go to work and accomplish things.

In all of my newfound spare time, I've been doing a lot of cleaning at home, catching up on projects, helping Kenny with the renovations, painting saddle pads, and I EMT'd for a horse show over the weekend. It was 20 degrees with 45mph winds. BRRR! Luckily it was an indoor show so we were at least out of the wind. I was frozen by the time I went home at 4:30pm. I took a boiling hot shower to warm up and went to bed, exhausted, at 6:30.

I had a fun day at the barn on Saturday. I rode Lucy and she was so chill and happy! I didn't bother lunging her because all the horses got turned out on grass before we rode, and this was the result:

Comic (l) and Lucy (r)

Comic, Lucy, and Brantley

Brantley and Lucy having a zoom

Comic and Brantley had a contest to see who was more manly. Lucy won.

Go Brantley, go!

pretty Lu!

After all that, they were pretty tired and well-behaved under saddle. I was a happy girl!

Amanda is planning on taking her to a show next weekend, so that should be fun! This particular show has an OTTB division, which is really nice. Maddy is going with Brantley, too! It will be a fun day.


  1. Ugh. I'm sorry about your job but hopefully something good will come along.

    And fun about the horse show! I can't wait to hear about it.

  2. The show sounds fun!!

    I'm sorry about your job!! That's crazy that they let you go- aren't there rules against that since your prego or no since it was a contracted position?

    1. No, unfortunately I had no rights as a contractor. I even offered to work through my maternity leave from home if I could keep my job.

  3. What a crappy time to get laid off!!! I hope you find something else quickly.

    I LOVE all of the action shots. They are awesome!

  4. Wow, sorry about getting laid off, especially at a crappy time. That's great that you don't have to worry about having to give up Lucy though! I'll keep my fingers crossed that something new comes your way soon.

  5. Having just survived my husband's unemployment, I am so sorry to hear this! What an awful way to be let go!

  6. I'm also on contract work, so I know the feeling. That happened to me at my last job. Luckily my wonderful parents are there to support my horse addiction, just like you have Kenny. You'll get through this - I wish you all the luck!

  7. That totally stinks that you lost your job, especially this time of year. I'll be crossing my fingers that everything works out for you.

  8. This is ridiculous and horrible...I am so sorry this happened...what a bunch of BS. You are very creative and driven though so I know you will find a way to make everything work out. We are here for you!

  9. I'm so sorry to hear that news. I know it's frustrating and probably panic inducing but everything happens for a reason. It'll be okay!

  10. Ugh, poor thing, like being pregnant isn't enough of a roller-coaster. Glad your hubby is so supportive. Be careful with supplementing unemployment, they take out your 'other' earnings from what they give you (if its reported-wink-), and at least in good old Cali, they audit you because apparently people on unemployment shouldn't be working (family member found out the hard way).

    Good luck in the job hunt, I'm sure with your talent you will find something soon!

  11. Wow, that's the absolute worst timing ever. Very sorry to hear of your job loss! I hope you find something even better!

  12. I'm sorry about that. :( Good luck with your job search.

  13. Very sorry to hear this. You will be in my thoughts. Hopefully you will find an even better job.

  14. So sorry about your contract... but I do believe that things happen for a reason, even if that reason isn't immediately clear. Sending good vibes your way!!

  15. Wow - timing not good! So bummed to hear about this - keeping you and your family in my thoughts!


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