Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ho ho ho! A decidedly un-horsey Christmas.

Not gonna lie, I almost didn't even go see my horse on Christmas day. Kenny and I traveled to New York to see his family and got home at 1am on the 25th. He had to work all day and he left around 6am, so it was just me and Cairo at home on Christmas. I spent the day cleaning the floors in my house and job hunting. Not very fun!

I did go out and do a night check and give snuggles to everyone. It wouldn't have felt right if I missed kissing Lucy on the nose on Christmas anyway! Santa, aka Amanda, even left treat-filled stockings for each horse on their stall doors, which was so adorable and sweet.

Because of the holiday, Lucy sat and didn't do a whole lot. I was visiting family, and Amanda was celebrating with her family. Today was the first time in about a week Lucy did any work and she was a nightmare.

No really, she was totally bonkers.

She was so tightly wound and spent most of the time standing on her hind legs. Amanda wanted to take her on a walk on the trails and Lucy could not even handle walking like a normal horse. A few times she just hopped up and down in one place. We all kind of just looked at her with question marks over our heads. Lucy ruined the trail walk for everyone (the other girls had their horses too) and we ended up in the outdoor ring, Maddy working Lucy on the ground. The end result was a much calmer and happier horse but I'm not going to lie, I was totally unimpressed with her. Ashamed even. It was a "hate more than love" kind of day for me.

I don't blame Lucy for being so pent up; it's been really cold and icy and she has sat around. But that is not an excuse to rear up at people and act like a huge buffoon. Today was just one of those days I wanted to give her away to someone else.


I know it will get better and she always does better when she's in constant work so that she doesn't get so bored, but still.

I am looking and feeling more and more pregnant, and feel pretty helpless when it comes to Lucy's antics.

Oh well!


  1. I am so sorry about Lucy and her craziness, I know how that is :( On the other hand congratulations on your pregnancy!

  2. Ugh...that's frustrating. Hopefully she will be better next time!

  3. I have been there with Riva! After our last show, a lady commented on how pretty she is as we walked out of the ring, and I was so close to hopping off and handing the lady the reins and saying take her. Hang in there. Mares :(

  4. it's a TB thing. They have so much energy that sometimes they don't know how to handle it. Be patient, she will mature out of it (mostly anyway) :)

  5. You would've been very proud of her today. <3 Minus whatever she rubbed her head on in her stall.


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