Wednesday, December 11, 2013


It snowed yesterday! Not a lot, but hey, I'll take it!

I took my camera to the barn, of course. I had an idea for a great shot!

Lucy was so cooperative and didn't mind being strung with lights like a Christmas tree. She is the best.

My entry for Aoife's Christmas contest
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Brantley got to model, too.

Then we turned the two of them out to play. Hilarity ensued.

OMG, Brantley...

our two Arabians

Time to go in! I love that she trots to me when called. It helped that I had a cookie, too ;)


  1. favorite part of having snow, letting the horses enjoy it :)

  2. Love the shots of them playing in the snow.

  3. Love Lucy's orange bell boots!

  4. I love the playing pictures! They are having a blast!

  5. The pictures are cool. A horse's antics can be funny sometimes.

  6. great shots, glad they're enjoying the cold

  7. Love letting the gee-gees out to play in the snow!
    Fab Xmas shots, thanks for the contest entry :-D


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