Sunday, September 11, 2011

look where you're going!

Maybe one of the reasons that Lucy failed miserably as a racehorse is that she doesn't look where she's going.

Lu, you might want to pay attention to that fence that's rapidly approaching.
Lucy said, "ok, I'll go the other way!"
"Hmm, there's a fence in my way again. Maybe I should start paying attention."

Can we also talk about the dapple EXPLOSION?

With her new friend, Nick, who came to the barn the first of this month.
Nick is in love with Lucy.
Lucy is too busy to care much.
In other great news, my former childhood lease horse came to my barn last week. My barn owner was casually looking for a new horse for her step-daughter and this horse, Dreamer, was looking for a new home as a free lease. He carted me around the hunters and jumpers when I leased him back throughout middle school and high school, and is an incredibly special horse. I know he will teach his new girl lots of great things while at the same time boosting her confidence, encouraging her to be brave, and showing her how to really enjoy horses.

I just love him.


  1. Thanks for the smile - I needed that.

  2. How wonderful that you get to see your old pony teaching someone new!! And I know a horse that runs around looking every which way but where he is going. He's a palomino arab warmblood and he thinks he is a unicorn.

  3. Dreamer is so adorable!

    Lucy is a total ham, checking to make sure you are watching her be all fancy and pretty as she runs. ;-)

  4. Oh how cute about Dreamer! That's great to see he's still being loved. I saw you even have a label "Dapples"...jealous. I can't get ONE on my horse. Grrrr Lucy looks great!

  5. Aw, so glad you get to see the old boy again. He sounds nice.


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