Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm alive!

Just very, very busy.

Lu got a week off for Thanksgiving and the resulting turkey coma I was in for a few days following the festivities, but I think it did her some good to just chill out and stuff her face. I mean, I was doing the same thing, so it was only fair ;)

This is a video from yesterday, when I took Cairo out with us for a trail ride:

Here are some videos from today:

As you can tell,

-she doesn't appreciate knocking down poles
-she thinks the tarp is VERY SCARY when the wind blows it around a bit
-happy/mad/happy/quiet/RACEHORSE!/quiet/that's a nice tarp/THAT TARP IS GOING TO EAT ME!: completely a normal progression of thoughts for Lucy.


  1. A couple things your Mare is not short of; personality and talent! :)

  2. You are quite the rider--none of her antics even phase you.

  3. My, she does get herself worked up, doesn't she.

  4. She has such a pretty trot! What a gorgeous girl.

  5. I am just happy my stickability hasn't gone down the tubes after a summer of "easy" rides :)


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