Wednesday, November 23, 2011

back in the snaffle

Lu has been going pretty well in the Kimberwicke since I switched her to it earlier this year, but I knew I wanted to eventually put her back in the snaffle. Last night I tried her back in her single-jointed copper mouth D-ring snaffle. I wasn't sure what to expect, but she was actually pretty good! She was quite heavy and she tried to drag me around the ring a lot, but I didn't allow her to hang on my hands (I dropped her several times until she realized that she wasn't going to get away with hauling on me). I got some nice soft moments from her at the walk, trot, and canter. I also did a lot of lateral work with her, like asking her to step sideways off my leg. She did this willingly to the left but she was very stiff and resistant to the right, so we will work on that. We got some nice walk/canter transitions, even though she threw a little buck almost every time I asked. Gotta keep me on my toes! ;)

I started a Facebook page for my saddle pads, artwork, and Kenny's tack trunks. I was getting a lot of friend requests from people for my personal Facebook, and I don't tend to add people there whom I don't actually know. I figured starting a business FB page would be perfect because anyone can "Like" the page and then get updates about the newest pads.

So, please check Polar Square Designs out on Facebook and feel free to share the page! I will do a contest there for a free giveaway pad when it gets 100 fans.


  1. oh good. I was hoping you would make a page on your blog for the saddle pads, but FB is even better. I went and Liked you. :-)

  2. I went and looked - the tack trunk is gorgeous!

  3. Awesome, I will go like your FB page. Your pads are so pretty. Too bad I already am getting boots for Christmas.

    It's good you were able to go back to the snaffle. I used to ride in a Kimberwicke, but switched to a french link snaffle and I feel like my horses is lighter in my hands as a result.


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