Sunday, November 20, 2011

umm, 3'6"!

our "warm-up" jump...hahahahaha. remember the days when I was afraid
to jump a crossrail?



one very unhappy mare. she gets offended when she knocks a jump down.

yup, that right leg needs to jump too, Lucy!

some pretty atrocious riding. she saved my butt BIG TIME on the landing
as I was hanging off the right side. she moved her back end over in mid-air
as she came down from the jump and saved me. WHAT A GOOD HORSE!

and then I stopped riding like a drunk monkey and started you know, helping
her a bit.

oh Lulu, you are amazing.

"you are going to get so many cookies"

this was a pad someone ordered, but like an idiot I painted the horse on the wrong
side of the pad. the customer politely pointed my mistake out and I was like,
ohh yes I am a moron. so I painted another pad for the customer and kept this
one for myself :D. I needed a black pad, anyway.


  1. Sweet! Was that her first time jumping 3.6? What a pro. You can tell she enjoys herself.

  2. Great job! She looks awesome!!

  3. Kerri, she jumped it over the summer one time with Lauren aboard but it has been a while since she's jumped anywhere near that high.

    Amy, thanks! She is such a beast, I love it!

  4. Yay Lucy! What a good girl. :-)

    On an unrelated note...why would it matter which side the pad was painted on...? The right side looks nice too!

  5. I was going to ask the same question as STB Eventer. There's a "right" side to paint on?

  6. You are my jumping role model. I'm just getting over my fear of tiny lil 2' jumps. :-)

    The pad is gorgeous, btw.

  7. Wow! Lucy looks fabulous, especially over that big oxer.

  8. I wasn't aware of the correct side either, until the client said that was the case. Oh well!

  9. Whoo hoo!! Try a swedish oxer sometime to encourage those legs to come together! Typical Thoroughbred, the higher the jumps, the better the jump :)

  10. Just stumbled upon your blog thanks to COTH, and I'm hooked :). Great writing AND riding. I'm a hunter transplant living in western world now, so I fully intend to live and jump vicariously through your posts.

  11. Thank you for your kind words everyone! BeBe, I will try a swedish oxer next time, great idea. MountainChicken (lol -- awesome name!), welcome :)


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