Thursday, November 3, 2011

things that make me irrationally happy

I bought myself a present earlier in the week: an electric blower. I have this weird obsession over sweeping the floors at the barn. Hay, dirt, and miscellaneous stuff all over the floor really drives me nuts.

The thing is, sweeping takes a long time and it isn't really that great. Plus, someone always walks a horse down the aisle or mucks a stall or carries hay through the barn as soon as I'm done, and all my hard work goes to waste. My new electric blower, however, shows the dirt the door...literally, and it only takes a couple minutes to clean the whole barn, so I don't even mind if someone gets it dirty right after.

Best part of the whole story is that I bought it at a liquidation sale at a local home improvement store for $20!


  1. Awesome! I would die without our blower, especially with interlocking brick. I also blow the ceiling, the doors, pretty much everything :)

  2. We used to use a leaf blower at a barn I used to work at. Now I wonder why ANYONE would bother using a broom!? Leaf blowers are the best! And the horses get used to loud noises.

  3. Leaf blowers are one of man's greatest creations.

  4. I've got the same blower. We sweep first then blow the aisle. Then we wait for the dust to settle before we do the waterers. I love the convenience of it.

  5. Hi Kate,

    My question is off topic but I was hoping you might consider sharing some of your experience/advice on the topic of leasing your horse out (specifically a partial lease). I think I remember reading that Lucy is partially leased out, right? Do you have any advice regarding setting terms, contracts, rates, etc.? I would really appreciate any advice you might have to offer:)



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