Thursday, November 10, 2011

move over, horse; I've got a new ride.

New wheels:

2012 Subaru Legacy :D Yay!

Lucy's fecal test came back with everything in the low/normal range. The vet did recommend that I treat her for tapeworm because it is the season for them, and they oftentimes don't show up in fecal tests. I picked up some Zimectrin Gold today at Dover and will give it to Lucy tomorrow. I am glad that nothing was high, but I kind of wish she did come back with something that I could treat. It seems the answer to her weight loss is most likely a combination of the weather getting colder and me trying to hold back on blanketing so she'd grow a coat, and the stress of going so many places in the past few months.

I'll be spending the day at Equine Affaire tomorrow so I will return with a full report and hopefully some good photos!


  1. I drive a Subaru Impreza and I love it. Subarus are great cars! My husband has one too.

    I'm glad her weight loss is from totally fixable reasons.


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