Wednesday, September 22, 2010

fall freakyness

I thought Lucy might appreciate a trail ride in place of the usual 20 metre circle show that our under saddle sessions have become, so we headed out to the field. She started spooking at stuff as we were walking down the farms driveway, but we carried on. I was just hoping that she'd get acclimated, but when we got to the field and she was just starting to relax, a herd of deer went crashing through the woods/bushes right next to us and she almost lost her marbles. She has never spooked like that before.

My leg was on and locked and I grabbed some mane and somehow convinced her to keep going. She was terrible in the field, trying to bronc and get the reins out of my hand. Thank god for grippy gloves! I made her walk the entire way after she threatened to go bonkers, for both our safety ;)

On the way home she was doing well until a humongous cement truck drove toward us. She had a complete meltdown and ran backward as fast as she could along the the side of the road. I had one hand up and was yelling "STOP!!!" At the driver but it felt like an eternity before he took his foot off the gas, and even then he didn't turn the engine off. Lucy was so scared she was shaking. I jumped off and turned her to face the truck, and waved the driver on. She stared at the truck with saucer eyes as it passed us. She has never spooked at a vehicle before but I don't really blame her. That truck was huge, loud, and scary looking. I am just glad I didn't get hurt.

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