Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Kenny and I were married this past weekend, on 9/18/2010. It was gorgeous. Here are a few photos from guests (haven't seen the pro photos yet!):

Hair, since that's one thing that everyone seems to want to see!

Walking down the aisle with my dad.

Kiss 1 :D

Kiss 2 :D :D :D

In pony news, I rode Lucy yesterday, but just bareback. I was mighty proud of myself because I was brave enough to canter her bareback for the first time. I'm glad I waited til the canter was somewhat together before attempting it bareback. It was actually not bad at all and I will give her major props for having a surprisingly comfortable trot. She got silly a few times, throwing in a few happy hops here and there, but she was not naughty. I think she was just happy :) I snapped this (pretty awful) self-photo with my cell phone after our ride:


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