Friday, September 10, 2010

Lovely to the left

Something has clicked in Lucy's brain over the past two weeks, and suddenly she has got it together. I can put my inside leg on her and support with the outside leg, and instead of scooting forward, she now understands this means "bend".

To the left she is so dreamy. She is supple and relaxed and her canter is so nice, I sometimes don't want to stop! To the right, however, she still needs some work. She keeps wanting to collapse her inside shoulder and fall in, instead of rounding herself around my inside leg. She'll get there, though!

We've been working mainly on 20 metre circles but on Wednesday I got the canter I wanted first while on the circle, and then gradually made it bigger and bigger until we were going around the whole ring. It was awesome :D

Some other great news is that I called her vet to schedule fall booster shots and the receptionist told me that I didn't need to have them done; I had the spring shots done in May and she will be covered until the threat of the mosquito-spread diseases she was vaccinated for were no longer pertinent.

So that's awesome :D

My wedding is in just a week's time and we are very excited. Last night I went to the feed store and bought 400 lbs of grain, so that should last for a while! I portioned out all of the grain that she'll need the weekend of the wedding and also the week we're away on our honeymoon. My wonderful barn owner is taking care of her for me and I want to make it as easy of a job as possible, and since she gets three different supplements and two different grains, I knew I'd pre-bag her meals for him.

Speaking of grain, I actually had to cut back her rations because she was getting FAT! This was seriously the greatest feeling ever. Someone even commented to me that she was looking tubby at the barn one night. I almost hugged them! Hahaha. If you've ever rehabbed an extremely underweight horse or if you have a hard keeper, I'm sure you know exactly what I mean.

She started shedding her summer coat a week or two ago, and then this week has turned into a lovely deep chocolate colour as her winter coat is starting to come in. The days are getting shorter, which triggers that coat to start growing, but it's hard to imagine winter will be here soon! The weather is still beautiful, and I look forward to some lovely fall rides.


  1. Congrats on the ride and the wedding! Exciting times for you.

  2. Have a wonderful wedding!!! Enjoy your day and all the excitement surrounding it. Sounds like you have Lucy all covered while you are away. I am sure she will miss you but don't worry about her! Just have a fantastic honeymoon with your new hubby!!!

  3. Thanks guys! We will really enjoy our time away, we are both totally fried :D


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