Tuesday, January 3, 2012

brrrrr! and, a "bit" of success?

The temperature has dropped well into the "can't I just stay under the warm covers all day" zone but I have been trying to ride as much as I can. Yesterday I took Lucy and Cairo on a quick trail ride with two other people from the barn. We only walked, but it was just what I needed. Cairo had a good time, too :)

Today I brought the new bit and running martingale that I got Lucy with me to the barn and tried them out. The bit is a happy mouth shaped mullen mouth D ring bit and she actually LOVED it. Could it be, I finally found a bit that she likes and respects? She went well in the running martingale, too.

I will leave you with a photo from our trail ride yesterday!


  1. Hacks are the best! Especially with a good dog and good barn buds! I got to go on a lovely hack today with a friend who is in town for break and it was quite the treat! (except for the squirrely pony i was riding... who wanted to dump me oh so badly!) Glad you had a nice hack! I also love the ah ha moments when you find a bit that is sitting right and working for them! Panda and I had this moment when we discovered the kk ultra for flat and a mullen mouth pelham for jumping.

    Go you for riding when its FAH REEEE ZING!

  2. Cairo is darling!

    Glad you found a bit Lu likes. That does make quite a difference.

    Of course, now I want video of Lucy jumping in her running. I know you can do it. ;)

  3. I hope that Lucy stays happy with the new bit! I miss having barn buddies to visit and ride with. I guess I have my dad though! :)

  4. Ah the plastic mullen. :) It's Daatje's favorite too. I have many different bits from loose rings to pelhams, but they all MUST have the slightly flexible plastic mullen mouthpiece or she's not opening her teeth! :P Glad to hear you found a bit that is working!


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