Friday, January 27, 2012

mouth issue update/jump chute

Lucy seems to have enjoyed her time off. I've been doing a lot of ground work with her so that she's not just sitting around, and tonight we tried a jump chute! She did great!

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions and ideas regarding her mouth issue. I looked in her mouth (the best I could) and didn't see anything abnormal. She's not sensitive to her cheeks being poked or prodded, even behind the eyes as BeBe suggested. I got brave and tried pushing on her gums and didn't feel any bumps or get any kind of reaction from her, so I don't think it's a wolf teeth issue.

She just turned six and had her teeth floated in November, and it was a very routine, straightforward float. The dentist didn't find any abnormalities, but she is floated every six months on a schedule to keep up with the changes in her mouth, so she tends to be pretty easy to maintain.

I am going to ride her tomorrow and hopefully she will be ok! If not, the dentist will come out early next week to investigate.

Here's some video from tonight:


  1. That is great to hear!! Nothing worse than teeth issues or infections in the face. Hope you sort it out so you can both rest easy.

    Love the new arena where you are, my parents have a coverall and I just love it.
    I didn't realize Lucy was only 6, she is just barely done being a baby :)

  2. Glad her mouth seems to be fine. Love the jumping video. She's so cute.

  3. I'm glad her mouth seems normal and hopefully she will be back to normal soon. She looked like she was enjoying jumping at the end there!

  4. Great video of the free jump! I've always wanted to try that with Daatje but never had the opportunity. Cover-all arenas are nice, but Daatje hates it when the snow slides off! (not that we've had much of that this winter! :P) Sarah

  5. Urg I hate wolf teeth. Pippi had two sets! It was crazyyyy. Glad you may not have them.
    I love her jumping tho. She is a cute mover.

  6. I hope she's fine. It is so fun to watch her jump! Especially freely like that. She is so lovely.

  7. Such a pretty girl! That arena is pretty cool too.


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