Monday, January 23, 2012

snowy ride

I live in New England, but up until this weekend, we hadn't had much snow at all! We had a freak snowstorm back in October but it ended up bringing only an inch or two of snow to my area. This past weekend, on Saturday, we got 8 inches!

Of course in my infinite wisdom, I thought it would be great fun to go for a ride in the middle of the blizzard. Kenny and Cairo came along and by the end of the hour and a half ride, we had turned into one horsesicle, one pupsicle, and two humansicles. We were all frozen!! I dried Lucy off with the hairdryer when we got back to the barn, snuggled her up in a liner and her MW blanket, since I needed to take her HW home to wash it. She had been turned out in it for half of the day and the shell was covered in snow, that then froze and I could hardly fold the blanket up! The blanket needed to be washed badly as it was disgusting. I spent the rest of the day directly in front of our wood stove at the house, and it took a long time for me to be able to feel my hands and feet!

Lucy was superb for this ride, and also for another trail ride on Sunday. Sunday's ride was just as chilly, but it wasn't actively snowing so we weren't quite as soaked.

on the way into the barn

trusty pup and trusty steed, gallivanting down the trail

snack time!

Cairo says, "helloooooo!"

Lucy says, "Oh, hi."
And a video:


  1. Beautiful and amazing! I wish we got weather like that here - I think.

  2. Great pictures! Looks like so much fun - almost makes me miss living in CT...almost!

  3. The whole time I was thinking that you are so lucky to have someone video these awesome times for you! one day (faaar away!) when lucy is gone, you will have some amazing videos to watch!


  4. Is Lucy shod? I so want to ride my Riva out in the snow but my husband says it is a bad idea, as she is shod all 4 feet. Love the pics :)

  5. Love the pictures! I had my young mare out for a hack in the snow Saturday as well :)

    Kelly - If your horse just has regular old shoes with no snow pads, then yes, riding in the snow can be a bad idea as they can get some pretty bad snowballs stuck in their shoes. Cold metal + snow = a damn solid bond! I have my mare barefoot, mainly because she's young and I haven't had shoes on her yet, but even if she were shod I would either pull shoes for the winter or put snow pads on her. Even turnout in show with shoes can be dangerous as they'll still get those big snow balls and they can easily tear something walking around on those stilts.

  6. Hi Kelly, Lucy is shod all the way around, but she also has snow pads (that reduce the ability for snow to ball up) and studs (that provide traction on slippery/icy surfaces).

  7. Thanks Kate! We don't get all that much snow where we live - normally an inch or so,,,then it melts away. Just want to take her out and walk a bit some time :)


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