Saturday, January 28, 2012

excellent news! and check out my awesome t-shirt.

I rode Lucy today for the first time in a few days, since she had seemed sore in her mouth and I decided to give her a few days off.

She was AWESOME!

She was actually quite fresh just warming up at the walk, even after going through the jump chute last night (and getting very sweaty) so I hopped off and lunged her before riding any further. Probably a good idea; she had a lot of excess energy to blow off. I was also taking a big gamble and riding her in the Happy Mouth bit (aka, the Listening Is Optional bit). Normally after having time off, I'd ride her in the kimberwicke but since I was worried about a possible mouth issue, I opted for the much kinder Happy Mouth.

I rode her on the flat in the outdoor and then Kenny came to take some photos, so I introduced her to some of the jumps in the little XC course they have at this barn. She was so good!

The side of the ring has this little cut-out that is a
step jump down into the XC area. Here Lucy was
trying to figure out what the heck she was supposed
to do. "But mom, there's a HUGE drop here!"

Then she was tres awesome.

Then we went in the indoor and jumped around. I randomly completely lost my confidence in the indoor, after I had been jumping some good sized logs outside, and Lucy fed off my nervousness big time and started refusing everything. 2'6" looked HUGE and I spent the entire approach to the jump thinking, "holy sh*t, holy sh*t" and staring at the base of the jump. Well, no surprise here: Lucy was not feeling like being the aircraft AND the pilot and she did not help me out a whole lot. Luckily I had my heels jammed down to China and I did not go airborne! I managed to pull it together enough to get her over all the jumps.

she was jumping QUITE round.

uhh...I guess they can't all be kodak moments.
The main goal today was to get some photos of me wearing my super cool OTTB-inspired shirt!

A fellow blogger (Kristen from Sweet Horse's Breath) has started a t-shirt business dedicated to OTTB's! Check her out on Facebook (click here) and spread the OTTB love.


  1. I love looking at pictures of you and Lucy and seeing your progress. She's so talented!

  2. Lucy at the huge drop is hysterical!

  3. I am so happy to hear she is doing better. Love the pictures of you jumping. I have my days where 2' looks huge too and Pippi must be able to read my mind and refuse. Glad you worked thru it.

  4. She is saying she wants to go eventing...hehe I NEED that T shirt!!

  5. LOVE the tshirt. So cool.

    Lu looks awesome over the outside jumps. :)

  6. Thanks for such an awesome promo!! I'm super jealous that your new barn has XC play course! I hope that you didn't get nervous b/c you were taking such cool photos for my T-shirt biz! They turned out just perfect!!! THANKS xo

  7. OMG you've *got* to take that horse foxhunting! She looks like such a natural. I continue to have mare-envy. :)


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