Friday, June 22, 2012

Excellent news!!!

It has been a hectic few days but I am overjoyed to report that I was offered my dream job yesterday!!! I interviewed for it two weeks ago and the waiting was tough, but totally worth it. I will start this coming Tuesday, and I'll be working as a graphic designer, which is what I really wanted to do.

Thank you to everyone who left an encouraging comment or send good vibes my way. Maybe that boost of positivity is what the universe needed to work some magic after a very long wait!

In Lucy news, Lauren had a great ride on Wednesday, then due to the extremely high temperatures (it was 107 degrees here!!), Lucy had yesterday off. I worked all day at the local Dover store because they are having their tent sale, then Kenny helped me get hay. I went home with a good dose of heat sickness and I had to drink a lot of fluids before I felt normal.

This morning I had an incredible gallop through the trails with my awesome barn owner, who is also going to Groton House this weekend. Lucy is smitten with her handsome Dutch Warmblood and she felt especially fancy today (she was most definitley showing off!!). I worked the rest of the day at Dover, and I'll also be there all day tomorrow. My plan after work tomorrow is to bathe Lu and clean up her mane again to prepare for Sunday.

The good news is that we had a nice little thunderstorm here, which seemed to break the heat!


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