Sunday, June 3, 2012

the problem with summer

"run away!" 

that grass sure is yummy, though

nom nom nom nom


  1. Could she get any shinier, or prettier?!? I don't think so!

    One of the few perks of living in the arid West is the lack of flies.

  2. You take SUCH GORGEOUS pictures!! And your pony is quite lovely too:)

  3. Bugs are annoying! Do you spray and fly sheet/ mask her up while she is out during the day? Sometimes we keep our horses in the barn during the day with fans and fly control, and change their turnout to night when its cooler and less bugs. Her summer coat is g o r g e o u s!!

    1. She does get fly spray and a fly mask every day, and she goes out in a dirt paddock, not this nice grassy one, but there are a lot less bugs in the dirt paddock. She gets to go in the grass paddock for an hour or so while I'm there doing her stall every day. I am not a big fan of fly sheets because I see more bugs getting trapped under the sheet and annoying the crap out of the horse than anything else.

  4. great pics, thanks for sharing!


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