Monday, August 13, 2012

ask and you shall receive

One thing Lucy "said" to me the other night was that she loves trail rides the most, especially when she can jump things out in the woods and the fields. Lauren rode today and it was an all-about-Lucy day, so they went on a long trail ride, through the woods and fields, galloping around and jumping logs. I met them out in the field and played paparazzi. There was a look of pure joy on Lucy's face that you can't deny. She had such a great time! Lauren seemed to enjoy herself, too :D

they showed up in their supercool fly mask

brave Lauren used the snaffle :)

"and then we're gonna run that way, and that way, and THAT way!"

all business

I really love this shot

cantering downhill is harder than it looks!

look at her face, she is just so happy

Lucy was executing the most perfect lead changes as they galloped around
in a figure 8 :)

and here is the "leaping over things in the field" portion of the photos


  1. Lovely pictures. Would you mind sharing the info of the person you used to communicate? I am very interested in that type of thing. Anyway here's my email:

  2. Lucy doing what she was born to do :)

  3. Such a happy mare! And so very brave!

  4. ah love the pictures and how happy miss Lucy looks!

  5. I think you can seriously tell she loves it!

  6. Lucy is so pretty, and the photos are great!

  7. Animal communicator or not, it's pretty clear that Lulu loves this part of her job :)


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