Wednesday, August 22, 2012

tonight's ride

The purpose of tonight's ride was to make a video that I could send in to apply for a clinic spot at Equine Affaire this fall. We got halfway through the ride and the stupid video camera died, despite showing that it had full battery at the beginning of the ride! I was annoyed, but at least I had the big camera and Kenny could get some photos.

seeing where you're going: optional
but seriously, I chopped my hair off this past weekend and so I just
had a small ponytail today. however, it managed to push my helmet forward,
probably assisted by my eventing vest pushing my hair up.

she ran out of this tyre jump in slow-mo, but ended up having to scramble
around the side of it because there was really no space between the jump
and the mound of dirt on the side!

she was really rude through this line and even over this jump, I am still
trying to slow her down.

maybe the best jump of the night

I am really happy with my long release in some of these shots.

this was kind of an awkward trip through and I was just trying my best
to stay out of her way!

this was a VERY dirty stop that she pulled. I knew she was getting tired
but hadn't had a trip yet that I really wanted to end it on, so we kept going.

I almost ate dirt but my heels saved me!

after her dirty stop that was clearly saying, "I've had enough!", we dropped
the top pole off and just went over this little vertical to end on a good note.

look at her face! so cute.


  1. Other than the stop/run out, shes looking really good. Tucking the pony tail into your helmet might help keep it in place.

    1. I may have to refer back to my hunter days and put it up in a hairnet to keep it up there...shudder!

  2. I love your strong, solid leg. I just don't think I ever want to spend time riding difficult enough horses to make mine look that good. :-/

    1. yes -- I agree! hahaha. I think I'd rather have a less solid leg but also less falls. the weird part is that before that stop, I was thinking my leg felt really wobbly, but I must have pretty good muscle memory because as soon as she planted her feet, my heels locked down and kept me in the saddle. good work, body!

  3. You have a fantastic position throughout that dirty stop! Cheeky mare! She always looks so happy over fences!

  4. Lucy is certainly a looker. I love her expressions.

  5. Haha, I know ALL about slowing down a speed demon *sarcasm*

  6. You cut your hair off?! Best of luck on getting into a clinic at EA! You both look determined :)

  7. You seriously are the master of staying on... i am always highly impressed with these pictures and how it looks like you are going and them bam you all good.

  8. *sigh* my heels don't go down the way yours do. I agree, you sit some crazy stuff extremely well. Long may you do so!

  9. I love that first picture - she's so cute with her knees.
    I hope you ride in the clinic, and we get to read all about it!

  10. Awesome photos! You guys look so good. You make a great team.

  11. My first thought when I saw the pictures was "I wonder how she can see!" I can't cut my hair much because when I tried on my helmet to buy I put my pony tail up in it to make sure all my hair would fit for showing. Now I have to ride with my pony tail up in my helmet or it doesn't fit!


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