Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Prep / Lameness Update

Oh joy, a hurricane is on the way. It seems like Rhode Island is going to be right on the edge of the affected area and we will be much better off than New Jersey and New York, but we are still preparing for the worst. I stocked up on grain yesterday, filled the outside water tubs, soaked pelleted bedding in case I need more. I also stacked some hay in the barn. I am trying to minimize the time I'll need to spend outside in sustained winds of 50mph ;) and all of our hay and bedding is stored in a garage that isn't connected to the barn, so bringing the hay and bedding into the barn will be helpful.

I have been really struggling with Lucy's lameness, partially because she's uncomfortable but mostly because I am really so irritated that I am in this situation. I really have to question if her wellbeing was taken into account during this clinic. We have jumped big jumps, galloped across fields, done clinics, events, and hunter paces back-to-back, and I have NEVER seen her lame like this. Before she went to the clinic, she would occasionally take some funky steps and I would kind of watch her for a second, wondering what was going on, but within a second she looked fine. I watched her move on Saturday and she was so incredibly sore in her right hind that when asked for a left lead canter, she immediately swapped her lead behind, unable to canter properly to the left. I asked her to trot and then pick up the canter again so that she could fix her leads but it was the same thing each time. Yesterday I rode her in the indoor and she felt much better, so I really hope we have turned a corner.

I wouldn't be as frustrated if anyone who was associated with the clinic had checked up on her, since the organizers and the person who used her knew she was lame by the end of it, but I haven't heard anything. If I had borrowed a horse and returned it lame, you can bet I would be calling, emailing, and probably sending a horsey care package! I would feel terrible.

UPDATE: The lady who borrowed her called me this afternoon and we had a nice long chat. I feel much better.

She has a chiropractor appointment this week, and another massage appointment next week. I tallied up the costs I have had to try and get her sound before EA and I am at over $200. If I am unable to do EA, I will be out another $200 between entry fees and the hotel reservation that I cannot cancel. Absolutely ridiculous, but I just really hope she feels better.

Thank you to everyone who voted for Cairo in the photo contest. We are still in first place! Voting continues until the 31st so if you haven't voted and wouldn't mind, please check out the contest :) The link is here.

Here are a few photos from this week - we had some beautiful warm weather so I took Cairo to the beach.

an exceptionally beautiful jelly fish that washed up on the beach

Cairo telling a young black lab who's boss

She met a little hound friend and they were instantly in love

taking a wave to the face! what a beast.


  1. Wow. If I had borrowed someone's horse and returned it lame, I would be bending over backwards to help (offering to help pay for vet bills, calling to check, etc). I hope the person you let borrow her isn't someone you consider "friend"-because this is showing their true colors.

    Hopefully your girl feels better soon.

    1. Nope, I don't know the individual well at all but she came so highly recommended that I didn't ever think I would have a problem. All my horsey friends tried to warn me not to do it, and of course now they are like, I told you so...

      Yup, I should have listened to them!

  2. So good to see Cairo enjoying life! Yikes about Lucy...I can not imagine the guilt I would feel returning a lame horse to the owner. Hoping she is sound soon without spending more $$$'s.

  3. I hope Lucy is feeling better soon! I was happy to read the good news after Cairo's vet visit and those pictures are great. How do you get such great action shots! I will go and vote now for the photo contest.

    1. Thanks so much, the news about Cairo was just such a relief. I have a super camera, a fantastic lense, and an art degree that was half photography classes :) Don't get me wrong, I take some really terrible photos occasionally! You guys just don't ever see them.

  4. wow.... i agree- if i rode a horse and they came up lame WHILE I WAS RIDING THEM i would be offering to help pay for things and would have NEVER continued to ride them.

    Hoping Lucy feels better soon and you are able to figure out what is going on with her...

    So glad the Cairo is doing so well though :)

    1. I just updated the entry because she called not long after I posted this. We talked for a while and I feel a lot better.


  5. Stay safe from the storm, kiddo.
    Cairo looks like a fierce lion hunter with all those flashing teeth.
    So sorry that Lucy is still off. I watched a "driving" clinic this summer that was harmful imo. The clinician had the lady I went to watch lunge her little Haflinger in harness in a teeny little circle for 45 minutes straight. Surprise, surprise, the little guy was very sore after the clinic. And the lady was disappointed in her horse for coming up sore! What were they thinking?

  6. Be safe! Hope that Lucy continues to improve and good luck in the contest. I voted :)


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