Friday, October 5, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend!

I am so glad it's Friday. This weekend is going to rock because on Sunday we have the bestest hunter pace EVER, and even though it's going to rain I am still going to love every second. Monday we have the event, and thankfully the weather looks good for that! Kenny is going to come and support me, too, which of course I am thrilled about.

Aside from the Equine Affaire news, I spent all week prepping for the event on Monday. I have mostly been doing dressage schools. Wednesday's ride was quite rough; Lucy wasn't naughty in a dangerous way, but she didn't pay one second of attention to me. It was frustrating and not pretty to say the least, but on Thursday, things came together and we had a super ride. Lauren rode today and reported that she was very good.

After work, I went to the barn and cleaned allll my tack. I brought home a pile of dirty, disgusting horsey laundry to do, too. Sheesh, good thing I am a bit type A!

I plan on riding her in the kimberwicke for the hunter pace, especially since it's going to be 55 and rainy. Can you say rocket horse? Yeah, I will need some brakes for that I think! Then of course I will need the snaffle for dressage on Monday and the kimberwicke for the jumping phases.

Today during my lunch hour I filled out all of the EA paperwork, which there was a LOT of. All sorts of rules, regulations, and I even had to fill out a list of people who had my approval to handle and/or ride Lucy. I feel pretty confident about this whole thing. I like organization and I feel reassured that the people running EA seem to have their ducks in a row.

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