Tuesday, October 16, 2012

someone is feeling good!

Here are Lauren and Lucy rocking out today:

Lucy thinks this is SO much fun.

Lucy was quite peppy, but as usual, Lauren reeled her in just enough and they had a great ride.

Here is some video:

And here are Kenny and Lucy, being equally badass, considering he has ridden once, maybe twice this year:

So all around great riding, and I was so happy and impressed with how well Lucy did with Kenny. I also think it's adorable he sings country songs to her.


  1. She's really looking great - I love how she can be a total wench in one ride and then be a perfect angel and take such great care of Kenny in another! :) - but also glad to see those wench-like moments are becoming less common.

  2. You always have great photos on your blog!!!

  3. Looking good! Singing cowboy - gotta love that :)

  4. Great pictures. Love the last jumping one. If I could get Hue to lift his knees even in that general vicinity I would be thrilled but he has pretty much zero self preservation...

  5. I love how happy she always looks when she's jumping. So nice to see horses enjoying their work. I'm sure the singing is definitely part of it :)

  6. She's just having too much fun, lol!
    Kenny's jumping that hot mare! Impressive!


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