Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kenny's new tattoo

Kenny and I spent the weekend in New York meeting our new nephew, Kamden. While we were there, Kenny got a new tattoo, based off a drawing I did of Cairo.

The drawing:

The tattoo in progress:

The finished product:

"Faithful friend" in Swahili. Cairo's registered name is
"Akili", which is Swahili for "intelligence"


  1. Wow, an excellent likeness! You must be pleased with how it turned out. Kenny is brave - I could never do that.

  2. Your artwork is beautiful, as is the ink!!

  3. AWESOME drawing! I can do horses, but not dogs.

    Funny, I just did a post on dogs and mentioned Cairo!

    As for the tat, gorgeous! And props to him, my rib tat is only 6 lines and I was a little baby about it. That had to hurt!

  4. wow!!! great drawing and awesome idea for a tattoo!!!

  5. Love it!!! My hubby just got his first tat - hmmmm think he will let me post a pic of his on my blog?


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