Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Western Pleasure?!

Another fun ride last night on Lucy. Once again we started with her stretching exercises on the ground, then a nice long slow warm up, then a bit of work at the trot.

This is what she offered up, all by herself:

I don't think that horse has ever trotted so slowly in her life. It was comfy! and fun!

Sometimes having such a smart mare is a good thing :)


  1. Fun! My horse is trained Western Pleasure. That would be his idea of a fast trot, lol, other than his kamikaze trot or his "I'm not listening to you" trot. Sometimes it's nice to have a slow horse though - bareback rides are infinitely more comfortable!

  2. Love this trot! This is what I'm going for...I just decided. :)

    I love seeing your hard work pay off!

  3. That's wonderful! You can always add more from there when you want to.

  4. lovely! Do you think she enjoys going around bitless? Not much you can do in the show ring regarding that though, huh :/

  5. Isn't a nice slow TB trot the best? That was a bit faster than the trot my tb would give me. I had the world's laziest ottb ever to grace this planet. :-)


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