Friday, January 4, 2013

quick admin note

I have been getting a whole lot of spam comments lately. I think I am doing a good job keeping up with them and deleting them, but it's annoying.

I like that anyone can comment on this blog and there is no captcha requirement - I hate hate hate captcha with a passion and I don't like subjecting anyone to it, but there needs to be some kind of happy medium to reduce the spam.

umm disgusting.

What if I allowed comments from "registered users"? That includes Open ID, so you could sign in with Blogger, Google, Livejournal, Flikr, Yahoo, Wordpress, and a few others. Would that be sufficient or would anyone be alienated? I looked back at the "real" comments people have left in the past few months and only a few are anonymous users.

Lucy says, "OMG I totally love comments! Yeah!"
On another note, we are at 193 followers right now - Lucy is not surprised since she is so beautiful, and talented, and such a good girl (ok maybe not that last one) - and I think I'm feeling a contest coming on when we get to 200. I am open to ideas - what do you peeps want? Saddle pad? Horsey portrait? Ornament? Stall name plate?


On yet another note, please for the love of god check out this blog: Rockin Roxie

I spent about two hours reading it last night and laughed hysterically the entire time.


  1. Worse than captcha is captcha with comment moderation. Makes me batty.

    On to contests!! I vote for a saddle pad.

  2. I don't bother with captcha blogs most of the time. Half the time, the WV is longer than my comment! There is an option where you approve comments before they show up live, and you just don't approve spam comments.

  3. I find captcha annoying, but completely understand the need for them. I like the registered users compromise.

    Also, I'd love to vote for a horsey portrait -- in whatever medium your heart desires. :)

  4. I vote pad!!!

    Agree, HATE Captcha!

  5. Captcha is super annoying, but the registered user thing makes sense to me! I use openID since my blog is on my own server, and it's a little fickle but workable.

  6. I'm one of your anonymous commenters - it wouldn't bother me in the slightest if you change to registered users, I've just been too lazy to look up my google details ;p

    Re: competitions, all your things make lovely prizes.

  7. i agree i HATE the captcha, i think the registered users would make sense, i may switch mine.

  8. I Is Roxie is a fav. So adorable...

    Re: captcha I just hit refresh till I find one that isn't totally impossible to read. I don't even know if I have it on my blog or not... hmm.

  9. The registered user idea sounds like a good one to me. As per the contest, my vote is for horsey portrait.

  10. Registered users seems like a perfect compromise? I hate captcha but definitely understand the need.

    I vote saddle pad!!! :)

  11. I hate captcha too! And I have been getting spammed like crazy as well. I had to enable comment moderation so it doesn't clog up comments, it just fills my email. Yuck. Let me know how registered user goes, I might have to try that, too!

  12. I've been having a similar problem and definitely an increase in spammy comments! Agreed with everyone that Captcha is no fun...there are some blogs where I have to try 3-4 times because the captcha is difficult to read.

    I've never tried registered but I may do it as well!

  13. I LOVE captcha!

    Lol jks I friken hate it.

    Saddle pad BUT can someone from Sydney win it??

  14. Sounds good, hate capcha, obviously I'm not the only one who simply CANNOT read it!

    Your stall nameplate for Lucy was absolutely gorgeous, had that perfectly-imperfect look that gave it such a personal touch. Wish I was crafty like that, lol!

    Laurel xx

  15. The way I've been eating lately I wouldn't be averse to cookies..

  16. Registered users has seemed to help me...


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