Friday, January 3, 2014

10 degrees? Sounds tropical!

Ahh, New England in January. Yesterday: temps in the mid teens, 8" of snow. Today: Temps in the low double digits, sunshine. Tomorrow: 30 degrees, sunshine. By Monday: 50 degrees and rain.

So ridiculous.

Today I got so much baby-planning stuff done and rewarded myself with a trip to the barn, where I donned two pairs of fleece pants, two pairs of socks, and Kenny's huge thick heat-reflecting Columbia jacket, which fits my growing bump the best.

While waiting for my water heater to warm up some water so that each horse could have one warm bucket with their dinner, I tossed Lucy in one of the grass turnouts and she had a bit of a spin:

And this, my friends, is why this horse wears bell boots! 

I love her so much. Look at that face.
 She was very happy out there and got some energy out so I grabbed her rope halter and my helmet and climbed aboard :D

I haven't ridden in a while but Amanda has been doing so much work with her on the ground, and I could read her body language today and knew she was in a good place mentally. She was perfect for me. We just walked around the paddock twice and had a little trot up the long side. I hopped off and gave her a big hug after that. I love her.

good girl!



  2. Aww I'm so glad Lucy was good for you :)

  3. Aw, Lucy looks great. Amanda is doing such a good job with her. I miss our pony play dates though!

  4. Thanks, Maddy, I really appreciate it. Kate, aside from the fact that Prudy will definitely scold you if she reads this blog, I am so happy you got to have your snow ride. You two look great! I am hoping to get out and play tomorrow. :)

    1. I know, I know, BAD me ;) but it was 10 degrees! I couldn't take her blanket off. That would have been mean and then I WOULD have gotten bucked off hehe.

      Let me know when you are heading over tomorrow and I'll come out and take photos! She was so good in the snow and it was absolutely due to the time you've put into her lately so I owe it to you :D

  5. All great photos,,, but the last one is just beautiful !!!

  6. That last picture is ADORABLE!!

  7. Love these photos! You look so happy :-)

  8. Cute pictures and I lover her blanket.

  9. Hi Kate I just found your blog. Congrats on your new expanding family! I had my first baby last April it changes your life in ways you can't imagine- all for the good! It's amazing! It has certainly affected my riding though as I didn't ride at all when pregnant then just a handful of times last summer. I'm itching to get back into it and I'm starting huntseat lessons here in a week. I want to get back into shape and build back my confidence which I lost when pregnant, and even last summer i was just more more hesitant. Plus finding time with a young infant was impossible, even to just get out and groom my horses always felt so rushed to get back to the baby. But it will all balance out eventually! :) your mare is just lovely, great photos!!

  10. Beautiful pictures! Enjoy the snow while it's so pretty, and stay warm!

  11. So glad you got have a nice bareback snow ride on Lu!


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