Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jockey Club Birthday

Happy Birthday to Lucy and all her JC-registered Thoroughbred friends.

Mother Nature is sending a blizzard for her present, so I spent most of the day at the barn preparing for the snow. Maddy also coordinated the delivery of 80 bales of hay for Brantley and Lucy, so they should be good for a little while!

Lucy has been doing well in Manners Boot Camp so I gave her some nice cookies, groomed her, and clipped a bridle path after finishing my chores. I hope she will be well-behaved enough for Amanda to get in a fun snow ride this weekend!

She managed to bash her face in her stall a couple days ago. She has abrasions
over both eyes, and one right in the middle of her forehead. So talented.


  1. Happy Birthday Lucy!! Hope her abrasions get better.

  2. Lucy has such a pretty floaty trot - always enjoy the pics you take of her!

  3. Beautiful pictures, she looks almost velvety!

  4. Yay happy birthday TB's! Hope you guys don't get too much rough weather

  5. Good luck with the blizzard! Lucy looks great and moves beautifully - she is lovely. :D


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