Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The move

The move went as well as I could have hoped for! Lucy gave us a bit of trouble getting on the trailer, but she wasn't a total terror. She calmly walked on halfway, then calmly backed off...about fifty times! Finally she got on all the way and we set off for Massachusetts. She trailered great and unloaded perfectly at the new barn. She walked down the aisle to her new stall like she owned the place.

We unloaded her things and I went over her routine and how much grain she gets with Morgan, the trainer. I said goodbye to Lucy and we headed home, without any tears. I felt pretty sad about it all later that night, but overall I still feel good about this decision.

Morgan's plans for Lucy this week are 1 day to settle in, which was yesterday, then lunging today, then riding on the flat tomorrow, jumping Thursday, and see where they're at! She wants to take her to a two-phase in a couple weeks. Sadly I won't be able to go; I'll be at a wedding that weekend. She also has plans to take her to a few area jumper shows. Very exciting!

Still, I miss this pretty face.


  1. Such a pretty lady :) Looking forward to hearing about how she does at the shows!

  2. Is she at Morgan Randall's barn?

  3. So tough, but it's also exciting. This will open up doors and opportunities for you both!

  4. So glad it all went well. Can't wait to hear updates on how she's doing and how the show season goes.

  5. I am just getting caught up and man I am so sorry!

    Hopefully you will be able to get lots of updates and keep in contact with the person who buys her- hugs!!

  6. A jumper! That just might be her calling!

  7. Like Karley I am just now catching up - Such difficult choices to make. Life sucks sometimes; why can3t it all be rainbows & sunshine like in books/movies?!
    I hope all goes well with Lucy & M and that she gets a wonderful home after having a summer of fun!


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