Sunday, June 1, 2014

Today is the day

June 1 has arrived, despite my wishes for it not to. Today is the day Lucy is going to her new home with the trainer who will be selling her. I have been super busy getting everything ready, washing all her sheets/blankets/boots, cleaning her tack, organizing my other things, etc. Today I went to the barn bright and early and cleaned her stall, then swept the bedding back and limed the mats. I cleaned her paddock, even though she's turned out in it today and so I'll need to clean it again tonight...but at least I got the bulk of it done. Then I groomed her until she was gleaming, and I pulled her mane. I've got the blisters to prove it! But she looks incredible and I'm happy that everything is clean and ready to go.

I got to ride quite a bit this week and I am grateful to have made those happy memories before she leaves. Natalie, Comic's owner, and I went on a long trail ride a few nights ago and Lucy was a dream to ride. We also jumped everything in the XC area and had a little jump school in the ring. She was excellent for the XC jumps but really kind of a terror for the jumps in the ring. They were tiny because I didn't want to do anything too risky since she was scheduled to be leaving, and I think she just did not take anything seriously. She was very strong and a bit rude...sigh.

Here are some pictures from the past week. I'll update after we move her today. I hope she gets on the trailer and behaves herself!

This was an awesome tight bending line from this x-rail to a vertical with about
five strides between them. She aced it!

Kenny took these beautiful photos for me. The light was exquisite.

I love the halo of light around her ears in this photo


  1. I feel for you. I am still grieving/regretting selling Rose and it's almost been a year now. Although I know it was the only option at this time between finances/lack of time/baby, it still hurts. And even with the re-assurance that in a few more years, as school age approaches, things will ease and a new horse will come along, it doesn't make it any easier at the moment. So, at least know you are not alone. I know how very hard it is and just how much having a baby changes everything. Good luck to Lucy on her new adventure!

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  2. The lighting in those photos is absolutely stunning. Know that there's a sassy little red mare available whenever you need some pony time :)

  3. Beautiful photos and memories! I hope she goes to a wonderful home - you loved her well.

  4. All of these beautiful photos make me smile, but so sad at the same time. I really do hope all goes well.

  5. Love the pics. That is so heartbreaking that you have to sell her, I hope she finds a wonderful new home.

  6. :(

    Best of luck Lucy on your new journey.

    Happy wishes to you through this tough time.

  7. So sorry girl. Sending you jingles and hugs (if you're a hugger). Glad you had a lovely ride.

  8. I hope she finds another loving home!

  9. Such a pretty mare. Best of luck to Lucy, and hugs to you, Kate.

  10. Awe, that sucks! So sorry to hear. It's going to be so, so hard. I sold Daatje once, when she was 18 months old. I was getting married and felt we'd need the money. Biggest mistake of my life. I bawled my eyes out every night for a month and regretted the decision every single day. I was lucky. The new owner called me 8 months later and said Daatje wasn't working out/too much horse/etc and offered me a buy back deal before she went on the market. I never hesitated. In your heart, you know what's right and I'm sure you've already exhausted every option. I just really, really wish (and I'm sure you do too!) that you didn't have to go down this road! :( (((hugs)))

  11. what beautiful pics to remember your time together :)


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