Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another few cute jumping photos.

So that was yesterday, and she was a very good girl.

Today we went on a nice "relaxing" hack down the road to a field. Relaxing is in quotations because that's how I intended it to be, but my lovely horse had a different plan. She walked on the road on a long rein and was super relaxed, but she was like a fire-breathing dragon as soon as we got to the field and just wanted to RUN. Too bad so sad, I said, because there are gopher holes everywhere in that field and I am really worried she'll step in one, so we had to go nice and slow. Well at one point she got excited and grabbed the bit and was like "PEACE, woman!" and freight-trained her way along the long side of the field and narrowly missed a gopher hole. She actually jumped it. She got in BIG trouble for that little show.

She pranced all the way back to the barn, got to stand in the driveway for five minutes before I got off, and then I cooled her out and fed her.

What a beast, what a beast.

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