Monday, April 19, 2010

progress, well, almost.

Lucy warmed up beautifully today, jumped three little crossrails, and pulled up lame. Coming down to the third crossrail she felt like she was cross-cantering and then she had a little stumble and once we landed I knew something was wrong. I pulled her up and you'll hear me say in the video, "Is she lame??". I let her walk for about ten minutes, then tried a little trot, and she still felt off. I trotted her out for Kenny, which is at the end of the video below. He thought it was her left hind. I untacked her and cold hosed all of her legs even though I couldn't find any heat, and then trotted her out for Frank, who couldn't see anything wrong, so maybe the cold hosing worked. I gave her some bute with dinner. Hopefully she just tweaked something. I was so bummed because she really was going so nicely.

Here's the video.


  1. Nice catch on that. I didn't even see her being off when you were riding. (Of course, that might say more about my eye than anything). She was definitely off when you jogged her out, though. Hope all is well; maybe she just stubbed her toe.

  2. Sometimes I think I'm being hypersensitive and feeling things that aren't really there, but after the crossrail she was almost four-beating. That is very unlike her, so I knew something was off. Good news is that she looks to be feeling much better today! I gave her the day off to be extra sure, but I'll ride tomorrow :)

  3. Hope she feels better quickly. Very pretty mare!


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