Thursday, April 29, 2010

pause/fast forward to tomorrow

Ok I know I said in my previous post that it was "a bit windy", but that was when I was still sitting in my office. Originally I was all set to ride but as I drove down the barn's driveway, the outdoor ring resembled the desert in a sand storm, and the jumps were being knocked over from the high winds. It was incredible! I decided to let Lu have another day off (sigh) and we will really get back to business tomorrow, which is supposed to be beautiful.

In lieu of riding, Lucy had a spa day. She got her feet done, this time with shoes all the way around. She did a number on her back feet when she galloped down the middle of the road the day that Cinnamon took her in the field, so Frank didn't think her hinds would hold up for another six weeks, especially if I am planning on riding a lot. So we opted to do the hind shoes and re-evaluate in a little while. I'm hoping to be able to pull them again maybe in the fall.

I also clipped her legs and her bridle path, and brushed her until she gleamed. She is looking awesome.

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