Tuesday, August 17, 2010

freshie is feeling good

Lucy is feeling just fine. Her leg is healing very quickly, but the fact that everything was very superficial is likely speeding things along. I think the thing bothering her the most is her SI joint area, probably from all the stress of hanging off the fence line with one hind leg up in the air. She doesn't seem too sore, and since she's not lame, she went back into work yesterday. Standing around wasn't doing her any favours, as she's happier when she's working and it'll keep everything limber. She gets long warm-ups and I've also been doing stretching exercises with her before I tack up.

We switched to Poulin just about two weeks ago and she's doing really well. We're not finished with the transition yet; I'm doing it over the course of a month. However, I already have started noticing a little extra padding here and there. Maybe she'll actually be where I want her to be weight-wise going into winter! That would be awesome.

And one photo of Cairo with Kenny. Cairo is a whopping 50 lbs but she's still all leg! She's a great dog and has firmly established her role in our little family.

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