Sunday, August 29, 2010

white feet are the devil

Lucy tossed a shoe this morning while bombing around the outdoor before I was planning on riding.

See, I've tried the whole pull her out of turnout, toss a saddle on, and go thing and she just cannot concentrate. She has so much energy and nowhere to put it all when I do it that way. Lunging doesn't even cut it for her.

However, if I let her zoom around for a bit in the outdoor and give her a chance to get her kicks, bucks, squeals, leaping, and other fun maneuvers out of her system, she is MUCH nicer to ride. That is unless, of course, she manages to toss a shoe in the process and we don't even GET to the riding part of the day.

She was such a drama queen about it, too. One minute she was cavorting about with all four feet off the ground, and the next moment she was standing looking pathetic and holding her LF foot in the air.

I said to her "come over here and let me see it," and she walked right over to me, limping badly. I checked her out expecting to see something serious or terrible, like another chunk of her foot missing, but there seemed to be no damage.

Just for good measure I hosed her off and made sure to spend extra time on that one foot. On days like this I am so happy that my barn owner is also my farrier :D He came right over and tacked it back on for me, but I won't ride today because of how sore that foot is.

I think this horse has won herself a pair of bellboots.

So what do you think? Is the old addage about white feet true?

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  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that it's true, but modern research claims to say otherwise. Who knows? Thankfully, Izzy doesn't have a shoe on her white (hind) foot.

    Things can only get better, right? ;-)


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