Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vote for Cairo!

As if Cairo hasn't been through enough trauma lately, I made her a Halloween costume this year to reflect her heritage as a lion-hunting doggie:

because every good lion hunter needs equally good camouflage.
And YES, I made this bad boy by hand, from felt and yarn. I fashioned a crude hood out of some tan felt and then put about 200 holes in it that I threaded yard through. I tied the yarn in a knot so that it would stay, and then unraveled the yarn to give the mane some body. The whole thing took me about six hours.

oh Caicai...

"Pride Rock, Rhode Island Ridgeback Style"

The whole reason I spent six hours of my life making this ridiculous thing was for a photo contest.


So if anyone is willing, I would love if you could vote for Cairo, my little Lion Huntress. Here is the link.

The winner gets a gift card to the store sponsoring the contest and with the winnings, Cairo will be rewarded for her cooperation with lots of yummy treats.



  1. That is awesome! And so creative. I will be voting for Cairo for sure :)

  2. I made a lion costume for my dog this year too! I love Cairo's!

  3. That is awesome...especially the pic of him on the rock!

  4. That is so incredibly adorable!

  5. Oh my gosh, that's too much!
    Is there a way to vote if you're not on fb? I'd love to vote.

    1. Hey Terry, I'm really not sure....the store's email is Maybe if you email them they will count that as a vote? Thanks!!!!

  6. I was going to ask the same question. I'll forward it to the boys! They'll definitely vote. Still need to find out when that dog walk is! <3 ME!


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